Welcome to the next generation of alarms for your home

SENTECH Micro Smoke Alarms and Micro Heat alarms are discreet, superbly designed and aesthetically pleasing to complement any new home or refurbishment – and both come with a 10 year battery. Whether you have built a new home or renovating and redecorating your home, SENTECH Micro Smoke Alarms and Micro Heat alarms are the perfect choice for your home and your family protection.


Sentech Micro Alarm – Low Battery Alarm Issue

We have received information from some customers who have noted that their installed SK-20NZ Micro Smoke Alarm has demonstrated a low battery warning earlier than the expected life span of the product.

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So easy to install and operate, plus a 10 year long-life battery for peace of mind

Hush Button

Unique Test/Hush Button

The location and size of the Test/Hush Button makes operation simple.

Ten Year Battery

Longlife ten year battery

Sentech alarms are all fitted with a 10 year long-life battery for peace of mind.

Quick Easy Install

Quick & Easy Installation

Both Adhesive & Screw Fixings Included – suitable for a variety of locations.

Smoke & Heat alarms save lives each and every day

SENTECH alarms help provide early warning for a deadly danger – fire!
With a small ounce of prevention you can help protect the people in your life.

SENTECH offers both SMOKE alarms and HEAT alarms designed to protect you and your family.
Reliability and quality are critical when every second counts.

Micro Smoke Alarm
Micro Smoke Alarm
Micro Heat Alarm
Micro Heat Alarm