Micro Smoke Alarm for your home

Micro Smoke Alarm

SENTECH Micro Smoke Alarms are suitable for living rooms, dining rooms, hallways and bedrooms. This is because these rooms often contain large pieces of furniture which, while burning, will create more smouldering smoke than intense flame and heat.

SENTECH Micro Smoke Alarms are New Zealand building code compliant (Meets EN14604:2005).

10 Year Battery
Micro Smoke Alarm
Product Features
Product Features


Smoke rises and moves along the ceiling – it will move up stairwells and vertical openings. When it can’t rise anymore it will build up and work its way down again. So locating your smoke alarms on the ceiling will give you the earliest possible warning.

It’s best to install long-life photoelectric type smoke alarms in every bedroom, living area, and hallway – on every level in the house. However this is not always practical. We suggest as an absolute minimum that a long-life photoelectric type smoke alarm should be installed in the hallway and close to the bedrooms. Buy and install other smoke alarms as you can afford them.

NZ Fire Service Recommendation

The New Zealand Fire Service recommends you install long-life photoelectric type smoke alarms in your home. They may cost a little more but the benefits are significant.

  • They provide about 10 years smoke detection.
  • They remove the frustration of fixing the ‘flat battery beep’ at inconvenient times such as 3am in the morning
  • The cost of replacement batteries for standard alarms means the long-life one effectively pays for itself over its lifetime.
  • You don’t have to climb ladders every year to replace batteries.

SENTECH – The next generation of smoke alarms for your home.